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 About Us...   What is junk to some people is art to Thomas Michael Malloy. I and a welder by trade and believe, "People throw away too many things. In my travels, I salvage old machine parts, broken-down appliances and scrap metal from junkyards to create my intricate, whimsical sculptures. An old pair of pliers becomes a lobster's claw, a piece of exhaust pipe makes a horses head; a discarded hair dryer is resurrected as a Viking helmet. This website is for informational purposes, so you can view some of the most unique art pieces, ever assembled.

Metal Sculture by Thomas Mallo
30 Station Plaza
Glen Head, NY - 11545
Tel: 516-676-3636
 Hours of Operation:
Monday     9:00A - 5:00P
Tuesday     9:00A - 5:00P
Wednesday     9:00A - 5:00P
Thursday     9:00A - 5:00P
Friday     9:00A - 5:00P
Saturday     9:00A - 5:00P
Sunday     9:00A - 5:00P